Waterproofing Contractor Services & Factory Leak Repairs

We fix water leaks in all types of Roofs. Metal Sheet or concrete roofs. We will fix gutters as well for water leaking. If there is any type of water leaks in the building or factory we will be glad to fix the problem. Call us at the number below and we will have an engineer with sales staff come out to your factory to review your problem and offer a solution. We are one of the largest waterproofing specialists in Thailand with a customer list of over 100 companies. We have fixed water leaks for both Japanese and Thai factories. We will do small water proofing projects of 100 square meters to large projects of 10,000 square meters.

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Waterproofing Concrete roof using Acrylic waterproof Coating

For Concrete roofs we usually use an acrylic coating as this is the most modern technique offered for concrete roofs. We will usually put a fiber net for added protection. We produce acrylic coating at out factory in Teparak Bangpli. Since we produce in Thailand we are able to offer our customers very good prices. Usually we will waterproof the gutter as well with fiberglass coating. We will service companies in and around the Bangkok area as well as any area in Thailand.
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Waterproofing metal Sheets and Skylights

We offer our customers 2 years guarantee for any water leak projects that we do. If there are any water leaks within this period of our competing the water leak job Big Power Supply will come back free and finish the job. We understand that inside a factory or warehouse is very valuable machines or merchandise that cannot get wet. This is why we take our job of 100% no more water leaks very seriously. We try to give the customer a feeling of comfort that he does not have to worry about water leaking into his factory after contracting with Big Power Supply.
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Our Team – Best in Thailand

We have 6 Teams of workers who are specially dedicated to fixing water leaks in different types of roofs. Each team specializes in a different roof type. Some teams specialize in fixing water leaks in gutters. Some teams specialize in fixing water leaks for concrete roofs. Some teams specialize fixing water leaks in metal sheet roofs. If you have water leaking problems please be sure to call us and we will guarantee to fix your roof for the lowest price in Thailand. You will be happy with our guarantee and service. We are the largest waterproofing specialists in Thailand and we are sure you will be very happy with us.