New Metal Sheet Roof with Ceramic Coating

Big Power Supply specializes in changing old asbestos roofs and changing to new metal sheet roofs. We have teams complete with engineers formen and specialized workers who are the best in Thailand in this work. We offer customers in Bangkok or any other area in Thailand our services. We have a range of metal sheet roofs from cheaper and thinner roofs to the top quality and very thick metal sheets. We offer a range of insulation from regular insulation to ceramic coating. In the picture above we have change out about 10,000 m2 of an old asbestos roof and changed it to a new metal sheet roof. Then we painted anti-rust primer and a ceramic coating for top protection from heat. In the picture above you see the completed metal sheet roof painted white with ceramic coating and has wind fans installed to let out hot air. We have also installed a double roof at the top to let out excess heat.

Best Roofing Workers & Contractors in Thailand

The roofs are delivered by specialized trucks to the work site and we are careful not to bend the metal sheet roofing. We off load the metal sheets by crane and place on roof as in the picture above. We always try to make the roof in one long piece so this will prevent water leaking. So for example if the roof is 30 meters long we will order a metal sheet in one 30 meter piece to put on the roof in one time. Other companies will sometimes place 2 pieces of 15 meters which is easier to install, but we will always install in one piece for best quality in work.

Safety is number One

In the picture above you can see Big Power Supply’s workers taking off the old asbestos roof and putting on the new metal sheet roof. We are very careful to complete the work quickly so it will not rain before we close the roof. Water leaking can destroy the equipment in the factory so we close any hole before the rain comes. Under the roof we place a net and a blue sheet. This is for 2 main reasons. One is to prevent any materials falling into the factory. The net makes it safe for the workers as well. When taking off an old roof our customers sometimes prefer to keep the factory running so we must consider as little dirt, dust, or material from falling into the factory.

Fast and Top Quality Work – Best Repair Services

We use a lot of workers to place on new metal sheet roof to ensure top quality work. The more workers we use the faster the job will get done as well. Most other Thai roofing companies will not use so many workers. This is one reason why we finish jobs faster than any other Thai company. We do roofing work for Thai customers and also Japanese customers. We have done new metal sheet roofing for Japanese factories as well as Thai factories. We do metal sheet roofing or asbestos roofing. We take orders from small roofs or 200 300m2 to large roofs of 10000m2. Please contact our company and we will have an engineer or salesman come out to visit you factory to give you the details.