Insulation Paint

Insulation Paint

Why use ceramic coating?

It is too hot and you would like to cool down your building or factory.
To save money on your air-conditioning bill.
To protect and make your roof last longer. This is especially true for asbestos roofs.

How does it work?

We put ceramic in special paint and make a coating that does not let the heat of the sun in. After painting TEMPCOAT the surface temperature of your roof metal sheet roof (or concrete) can go down by 15- 20? C.

Millions of tiny ceramic balls are mixed into paint. This does not let the heat pass thru.To give an example: The metal of your car parked outside is very hot, but if you park the car under the shade of a tree the metal is much cooler.

Before Painting 60 degrees C

After painting 40 degrees C

This is a 20 degrees Celsius lowering of temperature. The inside of the factory. In this case or the above picture is YKK Thailand and they were very pleased with the results. The workers in the side of the factory with Tempcoat Insulation coating felt much cooler and were happy with the better working conditions. With the good results YKK decided to apply ceramic coating to other factories in their complex. In many cases it is too expensive to add an air conditioner but ceramic coating does not have any running costs so it is the ideal way to cool down the inside of a factory. Apart from adding a lot of air conditioner units (which is very expensive) ceramic coating is the most cost effective and efficient way to cool down a factory.

The Best Insulation Paint Contractors & Factory Services

The conditions on the roof are very severe and normal exterior paint does not last long on the roof. So we make a silicon based paint specially for the roof. We are the ONLY company that makes a paint specially for the roof. We use the highest quality ceramic imported from USA. We are a Japanese company and import all our ingredients from Japan and USA. We manufacture locally so our prices are low.

Our coating thickness is 600 microns, other companies only paint 300 microns. Our installation workers are very experienced in ceramic paint. We do not outsource our work.

What is the cost?

Our foreman will come to your building and measure your roof and we can give you a quotation. If it is just a small building or house to paint by yourself you can purchase the paint from our factory directly. If it is a larger quantity we can deliver. We have a trained team of workers that will apply the ceramic coating ourselves. We have a reference of over 100 factories both Thai and Japanese that we have done ceramic coating for. We are the No. 1 largest company in Thailand doing ceramic coating. You will be very happy with our experience and high quality. At least more than a hundred other companies is happy. Please look at our customer list. Thank you.